We are Infinitely Baked.

I am Kailey Holloway (right), your baker and the oldest sister. I have loved baking since I was a little girl. Baking around the holidays is one of my fondest memories w with my mom. 

If I am not baking, I am being a mom to two boys and a wife to my "Baker's Man". We enjoy family movie nights and going on adventures. 

I am Kristian Lingerfelt (left), your baking collaborator and the youngest sister. I enjoy photography and trying new recipes. I picked up my love for the simple things in life from my mom. 

If I am not editing pictures or proofreading copy, I am a working mom to the coolest little boy around. We love watching storms and enjoying breakfast on the back porch. 

Why Infinitely Baked? 

This journey began after our mom passed in 2018. Since baking was one of our fondest memories with her, we knew it had to be tied to our love for her. 

Growing up, I (Kailey) always told her that I love her "to infinity and beyond". Keeping this close to our hearts, Infinitely Baked was born.